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Difference between burlesque and stripping

The main difference between burlesque and stripping is the idea of the tease. Stripping is simply about revealing nudity, whereas burlesque is an entertainment art, based around dance, musicality and the art of the tease. For instance, in the time that it would take your average strip-act to have removed the entirety of their clothing, a Burlesque star may have only just finished peeling off her satin glove. Despite the fact that every audience member has their bare hands on display for all to see, the tension built up by the tease, the anticipation of catching a glimpse of her naked wrist, her palm, her fingers, mean every audience member is spellbound!

Burlesque also evolved alongside vaudeville and cabaret, so it has an entertainment focus that is missing in stripping. Burlesque is often light-hearted, involving comedy, parody or theatrical elements. And of course, modern burlesque celebrates real women with real bodies. If you're looking for vintage glamour, sophistication, spectacular entertainment and a little bit of fantasy, see a burlesque show!

The History of Burlesque

Burlesque is now known as a form of striptease, but originally it didn’t have any stripping at all.
The Beginnings: Britain
Burlesque has its origins in 19th century British music halls, where the term referred to a theatrical entertainment of a satirical comic bent. Beginning in the 1840s, burlesque comedy skits entertained the lower and middle classes by making fun of (or "burlesquing") the operas, plays and social habits of the upper classes.

In the 1860s shapely, underdressed women were introduced to keep audiences interested. In the Victorian age, when proper women went to great lengths to hide their physical form beneath bustles, hoops and frills, the idea of young ladies appearing onstage in tights was a great thrill.

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